Perhaps you have posed naked in public?

Could you get enough bravery to do that? Well, I did that and Im prepared to tell you my exciting teen nudism narrative! It has happened not so long time past. Few months ago or something such as that! It was the very peak of tourism season and millions of individuals were flying all over the world while searching for new opinions. Meanwhile I was sitting at home totally free and I didnt have anything to do! My school semester has finished however I was feeling kind of bored, since I had absolutely nothing to do! In order not to perish from boredom, I phoned my girlfriend Jessica and told her my story. I understood that she’s very helpful and she would find an excellent alternative for me. When she heard my voice, she totally understood the entire situation and didnt take long to find an original solution. She explained that in Thailand there’s the ideal place to unbend and relax. But when I heard that its gonna be a nudist beach, I felt kind of odd, because Ive never been there! I just could imagine as nude people are walking and lying by each other, but I could never imagine that I ‘d be among them! Yet Jessica had perfect convincing skills and the next day I ended up flying with her in plane to one of those exotic isles in Thailand.
The idea of being around nude people itself was stunning me and frightening at precisely the same time. The road from the airport to our hotel wasnt long and all this way I was thinking how Im gonna act when I finally arrive to nudist beach and get my first teen nudist encounter!
as soon as I made my first step on that long-awaited nudist beach, a huge blast of incomprehensible emotions has enveloped me! I was surprised, ashamed and excited at the exact same time! I was hesitating to take a look at naked bodies around me and at penises that were surrounding me! Nude studs everywhere! Cocks, cocks, cocksIve never seen this kind of large number of penises encircling me at the same time! That was absolutely amazing! At first I was feeling kind of shy to expose my body to the people. Nonetheless Jessica has clarified me that it is completely legal and all those nude people will perceive my teen nudism as standard. So I left all the fears behind and began taking clothes off my body, gradually showing my elastic body amenities till I was totally naked. I mean, completely nude! No panties, no bra or bikini! And guess what? Nothing extraordinary has happened! All nudists took me the way I am and Ive understood that truly there is nothing to be scared of teen nudism! Vice versa! In my age actually it is very intriguing to discover new horizons and get new things. Also all the things that was finding was honestly talking very interesting and exciting to me at precisely the same time!

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Quite soon I have completely assimilated and all that mature and teen nudity wasnt disarraying me in any way and I was feeling generally seeing boobs, asses and cocks encompassing me! In return all those brawny studs started checking me out as well! I was feeling hundreds glances at my body! And frankly speaking it was so nice! For once in my life I wasnt fixed by any rules or limits and all this little lechery was totally legal! It was like a heaven on earth! Wonderland, to be honest! So a lot of my secret desires and awful dreams have become real and I was understanding this teen nudism experience is totally irreplaceable for me!
Weve spent the whole day swimming in the ocean, having sunbaths and playing various sport games on the beach. Nonetheless Jessica wanted to make this teen nudism journey utterly unforgettable and so she proposed another strategy to me! as soon as I believed that the bravest thing has already been done, she’s suggested me another one! Her plan was to seduce a guy right on the beach! Could you believe in that? Same with me! At first I was totally stunned and didnt know what to do! But beach pissing said that there’s nothing to worry about! Im naked and it means that half of the plan is already actioned. All I desire will be to come up to a stud Ive liked and together with the aid of my attraction and pick up him! Ive never done anything such as this before, but she insisted and I had nothing to do, but to mind. So I chose a good-looking stud, who’d a brawny muscular body and impressive credentials. You know what Im talking about! So I approached, lied by him and started throwing tempting glimpses at him! I couldnt believe that Im doing this! Well, my hot body and natural attraction got the work done just fine and incredibly shortly we were talking already as if we were friends since quite a while! I liked him and he liked me! Everything was simply perfect! The day was slowly turning into night and we both understood how its gonna end up! However this is already another story! The main thing is that with the aid of teen nudism I managed to do the most courageous thing in my entire life and not one, but two! And all this is because of Jessica and her inventiveness. Thats utterly unforgettable and those spectacular memories will stay with me forever!

My first time at a nude beach was at Little Beach in Hawaii. I had gone over and stayed back from

the beach getting up read to go over to the shore. Eventually decided it was something I ‘d desired to do, so walked on down, found a spot and took off my swimsuit. The next measure was to get up and go play in the water that I did.

Another time was at a warm spring and there was another man there sitting in a seat nude. After sitting in the spring for awhile, I got out and enjoyed the sunshine naked also. At first when other people came, I would place the towel over me, but after watching him, I had the nerve to stay uncovered with the next few folks that came. One couple came and he stripped down to get in the springtime, the lady though changed into a swimsuit with him holding the towel up. She did loosen up some and would let her top straps down. Once the top slide a little to reveal one breast and so she casually pulled it up again. It seemed like she needed to join in, or at least go topless, but just could never move ahead with it.

My recent courageous move was to go out naked in the yard of the condo we were staying at with my wife. She isn’t into nudism and so sometimes when we are alone someone and I have gone naked, she isn’t really approving. But it’s early in the year and I was longing to get some bare time in the sun, so simply walked right out and put on the lounge chair. With the solitude wall at this location, I was expecting she wouldn’t say anything or be upset. She joined me in her bikini and appeared comfortable with me laying out naked. Later on she took her top off which was somewhat astonishing. After she eased her bottoms away and joined me nude. Even more surprising was the next day when we were going outside to catch some sunshine. She didn’t even trouble to put her bikini on, but just went straight out naked. There were still other times that she still wore her bikini, but supporting that she was willing to do some nude sunbathing. Looking forward to the summer with her to see how much she’s willing to go.

One last time to relate was when I was at a small resevoir and was putting on a inflatable mat floating on the water. I ‘d on some swimwear that had some clasps, so I released the clasps and loved floating on the mat nude. There were boats going by and a few other people on the beach, but it felt so nice. I’ve done this again once I got past the initial first time.

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Hello, I have not yet had the nudist experience which I ‘d call my first time coming out to the world and saying hi

I am a nudist, but am only 18 so I estimate I ‘ve plently of time to, nevertheless I ‘ve had many occassions when I have purposely selected to be bare and have really enjoyed it.

I have a fairly conservative breeding however my parents perspective is basically that it’s acceptable for individuals to see you nude, you must not be ashamedof your body, but you should be clothed pretty much all of the time, besides changing, showering etc.
I’ve just in the last six months I have started sleeping bare, I’ve found it quite confortable and clean and even sleep better, my parents have woken me up some morning, finding me nude, I used the excuses “i could not locate pj’s/boxers, hot nighttime got really hot and itchy” etc, clearly I should have said, its more confortable, I sleep better, heaps of ppl do it, but being worried about their view of me I didn’t say the above.

We continue releasing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

About 3 months ago I went back to a mates house late one night with 3 girls and 4 guys (including me), all close firends, being summer we chose to go for a swim in his very warm pool. I think the strategy was to swim in underwear but two of the girls said they weren’t keen because they didn’t have bras on, due to the dresses they were wearing, My male friend said, ive got my boxers but am going in naked cause this is precisely what im slepping in. A great explanation! and then my other mate said yeah im only going in in , but you. One of my male mates got in (naked), the one of the girls suprisingly stripped down and dived in (she has a really relaxed character). I having swimmed nude in my own pool didn’t feel to uncumfortable and dived in. One of the girls believed it was kind of funny and took her bra off and jumped in (leaving her bottom underwear on), followed by the other male (nude) and the past girl (in her panties). It was amazing, there was tons of laughter initially and a bit of covering up,but soon everybody became more relaxed and we just spoke normally and swum around for hours. Although I estimate it was booze that played a role in folks being so confident to just dive in, including me, it turned out to be a great chance and explanation to do it. But the best part was that it was non sexual, just a group of mates loving there firm, nude, there clearly was no questions asked or encouragement for the other two girls to strip fully, because it was an individual choice. Too often people think that once you’ve gotten nude it has to escalate to sex.
Another encounter I had was in the nation within our property, I was working out on the farm (middle of summer), and was extremly hot, there clearly was no near the home, so I got nude and into the cold spa,put on the jets, this proved to be a very relaxing experience. My dad appeared out of no where and was pleased to see me in the spa and then discovered my knickers realising that I had just jumped in. He having been additionally working believed it turned out to be as well as got in, covering himself on the way in, and concealing under the bubbles. I was really pleased that he’d done this, it seems that people are willing to go bare in some situations for example spaaing but not in the backyard, round the house, in the shore etc which is a pity. I hope to find another reason to go nude and support men and women in my family to go .