For the longest time, my nudity has been restricted to my house, backyard, or distant areas with no one else about.

Back in May, I was working a job in Alabama and had a 5-day weekend for Memorial Day. I’d done plenty of research on the internet about “clothing Elective” beaches and naturist/nude clubs and had read about Haulover Beach, so made a decision to go there for my first time.
So, I made the trip down t here , but after checking into my hotel (which SHOULD have been fairy close to Haulover) I realized I didn’t have internet for directions so I just walked down the shore. Naturally, I did not find it. The following day I DID find it. (Got good directions this time.) The parking area was arcoss the road from the beach and there was an underpass for pedestrians. When I got to the high shrubbery (to block the view rom the traffic) I saw a sign that said “You May Strike Bare Sun Bathers Beyond This Point”. Right behind the sign proved to be a naked man taking a shower, so I figured I was in the right location.
Well, I took , seat and towel to the seashore, found a pleasant spot and set things up. After everything was set up, I took off shirt and shoes. So now I am standing there in front of my seat and I said to myself, “Well, this is what you came for. It is now or never.” And with that, I dropped the shorts and folded them up with the remainder of my clothes. So now I’m standing on the beach, totally naked fpor the first time. What a feeling.
I spend a couple of hours there (as the preceding day was squandered on a wild goose chase) before I needed to hit the road. But on the way out, I got a flyer that talked about Apollo Beach. Because it was on the way, I decided to stop by and check it out. It turned out to be a great drive off the interstate, but I made it, stripped down and spent a couple more hours in the buff.
After the occupation in Alabama ended, I went back to California and made a decision to visit as many clothing optional beaches as I could before the following job started up. So now I’m hooked, just like almost everyone else on this website.

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