Im not from a naturist family. Nudity in the house wasnt frowned upon, it just didnt happen.

I found the wonderful world of nudity one hot day in my garden. I was alone and was in the region of the garden which cant be seen by the neighbours. Unable to find any reason not to, I chose to see what it would be like to sunbathe nude. After taking quite a while to eventually take everything away, I knew within 30 seconds that I ‘d made the right decision. Actually, when I ‘d had enough of the sun, I went inside and remained naked until a few minutes before my parents were due home.
Like a number of other authors on this particular website, I would take my clothing off the instant I had the house to myself, getting dressed again before anyone came home. I liked to tell my parents so that I could maybe have the chance to be naked more often. I couldnt decide whether to take a seat and talk to them about it or to take the direct approach. I stopped wearing my dressing gown when walking from bathroom to shower room partially since I couldnt see the purpose and partly because I needed to analyze the water if I was seen. I was only seen a couple of times, both by my dear Mum. The first time she was a bit shocked and asked me Dont you head being seen? My answer was something along the lines of No, whats the big deal? I dont recall her answer but I do understand that, on the next occasion, she didnt respond with the same number of surprise.
I interpreted this as a positive signal but didnt summon to ask her if she would mind me going about the home naked all the time. My Father also gave me an opportunity to show all when he commented on the gardens suitability for naked sunbathing but I let the opportunity pass by, again!!

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Finally, I determined it was simpler not to say anything than to risk their disapproval And so it continued until I left home to live with the girl who is now my wife. I’ve told her my little secret and she accepts (just about!) but I understand she feels uneasy if I ‘m naked at any other time compared to the normal times for nudity, bedtime etc.
As I look back, I actually regret not finding out if my parents would have been acceptable with my nudity or not. I’d advise anybody who is contemplating approaching the issue with their family to do it; you got nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain.


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