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  • Tasteful nude beach photos
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    Tasteful nude beach photos***
    I've been a member of Retail Hell for some time now, and never thought that I would have to call in sick or anything. =) j/k. I left to care for some personal family problems, and things are starting to get better. Don't worry, I still like chatting with friends on naturist chat, it is simply been a while. I am sorry that it took me so long, but I'm back now, and still prepared to share pics with anyone and everyone. I hope you guys can forgive me for going away like I did, but family is family right? Anyhow, please keep the E mails comming, I don't get sick of em. I know it's taking me some time to get back to a number of you, but I Have been gone for more than a month. Well, enjoy my new pics, there are plenty more where these came from.
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